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First Learning Block


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87FEXqAM3Sg There's too much to put into words, so here's a video. 

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Life Lessons from Pune’s Public Transportation


The kids in my school knew it before I did. By 5th grade, I was already being nicknamed mandona which is Spanish for bossy. I didn’t really start realizing it until a few years later, once I had moved from Costa Rica to Sweden, and regarded my time as so precious that I could not...

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Every now and again, the smell of wet dog or low tide will seep through the windows. And I find myself inhaling every last drop. In my mind I am swept away to drip castles at Bowermans beach club, surrounded by faces that I’ve seen  throughout every blink of my eyes. Without warning, I am...

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Waiting For The Poetry


For a long time now, I’ve written many blogs. None of which I have published. I don’t know why. I guess I have been waiting for perfection, for clarity, for a better understanding as to what the hell is going on. I see now though that not all writing needs to hide it’s deeper meaning....

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Thoughts from the roof terrace – Gedanken von der Dachterrasse


— Deutsch unten —  Even after two months, the roof terrace of my host family is still one of my favourite places in Pune. In the afternoons, when the air of the city becomes a poisonous cocktail of biting exhaust fumes and high temperatures, I climb the stairs of the house and watch the roofs of my...

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Being Homesick Sucks?


“Live in the present” they say but for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about the life I’ve been living for the past eighteen years. October 27th was Diwali and in preparation of it, my host family and I set up lights and lamps all around the house. Automatically, my mind associated that with the...

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Warm Chai


As I reached my two-month mark of living in India, I also finished my 30th book. I have learned the following, in terms of literature and the reading of books: When you get rid of social media and have no access to wifi, it is monumentally easier to read the number of books you want...

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A Collection of Impressions


I made a video for my fundraising campaign for the Global Citizen Year Scholarship Fund, showing what kind of experiences are created thanks to those who donate. So here comes a little summary of my highlights these past two months! Keep in mind that I'm only showing highlights and that this isn't a holistic portrayal of...

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An Invitation


Dear The Friends and Family Who Are Requesting More Blog Posts,      I invite you all to step into my shoes:      I come from a place, a family, a community of people who have not seen the world and believe so much of the horrible things they read and see about the...

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My movie list… Enjoy!!!


A new country means new tattoos, new drinks, new drugs, new friends, 2-wheelers, CouchSurfing, no more journaling but above all of this a new range of movies. And here's a list of my all-time favourite movies:  The Fast and the Furious: The Fate of the Furious in Pune Drift (2019) Week one in the city...

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Only For Today


I can sit patiently and enjoy the company around me staying true to exactly who they are, doing exactly what they do but that would only remind that I have forgotten who I am or perhaps just who I wanted to be something I hate to admit really because, like today, I am left alone...

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The Freedom of a Turquoise Scarf


October 3rd, 2019 I’m still getting used to it, the tight fabric over my mouth and nose, absorbing the sweat running down my temple. Sometimes I still feel suffocated by it. The turquoise scarf wrapped around my head and face was my aunt’s, and even though I was reluctant to bring it, I know now...

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