Christina Chevie

Chrissy Chevie is passionate about charity, traveling, and poetry. She is interested in hydrology, working with the mentally and physically disabled , as well as education. She wishes to find a greater perspective and understanding of Indian culture. She is excited to explore her interest in education. Chrissy finds her inspiration in helping others.


Stuck In A Doorway

I want more than anything right now to say that I am happy. I want to tell you how in love I am with the city and with life. In fact if you ask me, that is what I will tell you. But I  have…

15 September, 2019

3 am India

As I lay here in my hard narrow bed, I admire the color purple that surrounds me on my mosquito netting. It may be raining out. It may also be monkeys dancing on the roof again. I find it hard to differentiate the two. Either…

09 September, 2019

Written On A Park Bench

All my life I've known what I want to do with it. Since I was a little girl I had a dream of traveling and volunteering. A strange dream for an 8 year old I admit but nevertheless this was all I dreamt of. It…

09 September, 2019

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Christina Chevie