Full Financial Aid:

30% of Fellows receive full scholarships

Partial Financial Aid:

50% of Fellows receive partial scholarships

Merit Scholarships:

Merit scholarships ranging from $500-$15,000 dollars.


$32,500 with financial aid and merit scholarships available.

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Tuition &
Financial Aid

Taking a gap year is a big opportunity - we believe it should available for everyone.

You can afford Global Citizen Year.

We offer more aid than any other gap year program.

Global Citizen Year offers both merit and need-based scholarships, and is committed to making this experience accessible. The full cost of tuition is $32,500. To date 80% of our Fellows have received a partial scholarship, and 30% of those have received a full ride. We will work closely with you and your family to understand your financial need before determining your financial aid package.

During the application process, you’ll have the opportunity to fill out a simple Financial Aid Application and send us your FAFSA.

Your financial need does NOT factor into admissions decisions. Fellows are chosen according to our Selection Criteria, not their ability to pay.

If you’re admitted to Global Citizen Year, we will work with you and your family to understand your financial need before determining your financial aid package. You’ll receive your financial aid award with your admissions decision.

We offer merit scholarships too!

We award merit scholarships to exceptional applicants.

Each application deadline we honor exceptional applicants who have demonstrated leadership in their classroom and/or community. We are looking for students who take the initiative to stand up for what they believe and collaborate with others to make a positive impact.

Each year we award up to:

2 merit scholarships worth $15,000 10 merit scholarships worth $10,000 15 merit scholarships worth $5,000

Global Changemaker Scholarship

All applicants are automatically considered for the Global Changemaker Scholarship which awards $5,000 to a select number of Fellows who demonstrate a track record of significant leadership and entrepreneurship.

Eligibility: All applicants are eligible.

How to Apply: All applicants are automatically considered.

United World Colleges Scholarship

Through a partnership with United World Colleges International and patron Shelby M.C. Davis, we are offering up to 40 Davis Global Citizen Year Scholarships. Scholarships cover airfare from Global Citizen Year training in California to your host country, in-country program expenses, and room and board. Scholarships are evaluated based on financial need.

Eligibility: Offered exclusively for UWC students graduating in 2019

How to Apply: Check the UWC Davis Scholarship box on your application.

College Track Scholarship

Students who are part of College Track are eligible for a merit scholarship covering the full cost of the Global Citizen Year program.

Eligibility: Must be a College Track student

How to Apply: Check the College Track box on your application.

Society of Torch & Laurel Scholarship

Students who are members of the Torch & Laurel honor society are eligible for a $5,000 scholarship to take a Global Citizen Year.

Eligibility: Must be a Torch & Laurel Scholar

How to Apply: Check the Torch & Laurel box on your application.

Deadline: February 15th (priority in country selection with early submission)

Jewish Faith & Community Scholarship

Students who self-identify as Jewish are eligible to apply for the Jewish Faith & Community Scholarship. Recipients are awarded a $5,000 scholarship and participate special curriculum designed in collaboration with the Jewish Community Federation to help Fellows explore their Jewish identiy and values in this new context. Curriculum includes connecting with a Jewish community in your host country, sharing a Jewish holiday with your host family, and sharing your gap year experiences with your community back home.

Eligibility: Students who self-identify as Jewish and are interested in exploring their Jewish identify.

How to Apply: Check the Jewish Faith & Community Scholarship box on your application. You will then be prompted to submit a 1 minute video describing why you are interested in this scholarship.

What does tuition include?

Room & board with vetted and trained host family

Global Citizen Year has cultivated a strong network of outstanding host families abroad. Your tuition includes 8 months room and board (3 meals a day) with one of our trained and vetted host families.

Round-trip international flight

Unlike many gap year programs, Global Citizen Year covers the cost of your round-trip flight from our kick-off training in California to your host country and back.

Medical insurance & evacuation insurance

Global Citizen Year covers your medical and evacuation insurance so that in the unlikely case of an emergency, you will be well taken care of.

On-going leadership training

Tuition includes on-going leadership training throughout your Global Citizen Year.

  • Global Launch: A week-long training at Stanford University featuring world-class speakers from organizations like Kiva, Facebook, and Airbnb.
  • Program Launch: A month-long training upon arrival in country that equips you with the cultural, language, and risk-management skills to deeply and safely immerse.
  • 3 Training Seminars: These 3-4 day trainings punctuate your immersion experience and offer an opportunity to reconnect with the cohort, process, and learn.
  • Re-Entry Training: A week-long training in California bookends your experience and provides a valuable space for reflection, celebration, and connection with the global cohort.

One-on-one coaching and support from our outstanding Team Leaders

Our Team Leaders are trained youth development professionals who live in the host country and support you in engaging with your community and meeting your goals for the year. Team Leaders conduct bi-monthly check-ins and are on-call for support. We maintain an average 10:1 Fellow to Team Leader ratio.

On-going language tutoring

Your tuition includes intensive language training during your first month in country and on-going weekly tutoring sessions for the following 7 months.

In-country transportation to/from trainings

Global Citizen Year covers the transporation costs for Fellows to travel to/from designated locations for trainings in country.

Cell phone & credit

To ensure Fellows can easily communicate in country, Global Citizen Year provides all Fellows with cell phones (on loan) and cell phone credit for their 8 months abroad.

Tuition does NOT include

  • Transportation between your home and US-based trainings
  • Immunizations
  • Passport & Visa
  • Health insurance while in US
  • Personal expenses (independent travel, meals out, souvenirs, etc)
  • Early withdrawal or dismissal costs


How much does this cost?

Our full tuition is $32,500, and we offer both merit and need-based scholarships. We are committed to making our program accessible, and historically, about 30% of our class have received a FULL scholarship, and an additional 50% have received a partial scholarship.

How selective is this?

We have a selective admissions process. Of all the great students that apply to be part of our program, 25% become Global Citizen Year Fellows. We are heartened, encouraged and excited to see the growing interest in taking a gap year. Every year since our founding we have grown our Fellow cohort and we will continue to work to meet increasing demand.

What about college?

Most colleges are supportive of gap years - not surprising when studies show that gap students get higher GPAs and are more active on campus. Whether you choose to defer your acceptance or to re-apply, our Director of College Admissions Guidance will support you through the process. We're also proud to offer several college partnerships.

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