We find incredible young leaders from all backgrounds and are proud to award need-based scholarships.

As part of our commitment to advancing equity and opportunity for all, we award need-based scholarships to qualified applicants who would not otherwise be able to afford our leadership experiences.

The Fellowship

The Academy


We offer more aid and scholarships for gap year students than any other gap year program.

Global Citizen Year awards both merit and need-based gap year scholarships, and is committed to making this experience accessible. The full gap year's cost of tuition is $32,500. To date, 80% of our Fellows have received a partial scholarship, and 30% of those have received a full ride. We will work closely with you and your family to understand your financial need before determining your financial aid package.

During the application process, you’ll have the opportunity to fill out a simple Financial Aid Application and send us your FAFSA.

Your financial need does NOT factor into admissions decisions. Fellows are chosen according to our Selection Criteria, not their ability to pay or financial need.

If you’re admitted to Global Citizen Year, we will work with you and your family to understand your financial need before determining your financial aid package. You’ll receive your financial aid award with your admissions decision.


We award merit gap year scholarships to exceptional applicants.

Each application deadline we honor exceptional applicants who have demonstrated leadership in their classroom and/or community. We are looking for students who take the initiative to stand up for what they believe and collaborate with others to make a positive impact through their leadership experience.

Each year we award up to 20 gap year scholarships between $5,000 - $15,000!

Global Changemaker Scholarship

All applicants are automatically considered for the Global Changemaker Scholarship which awards up to $10,000 to a select number of Fellows who demonstrate a track record of significant leadership and entrepreneurship.

Eligibility: All applicants are eligible.

How to Apply: All applicants are automatically considered.

College Partner Scholarships

Students who have been admitted to and decide to defer from one of our partner colleges in order to take a gap year with us, will be awarded a $5,000 merit scholarship toward their Global Citizen Year tuition.

Eligibility: Students who have been admitted to and defer from one of our partner colleges. Visit our What About College page for a complete list.

How to Apply: On the application, check off any partner colleges to which you have applied.

Tech For Good Scholarship

Students with a passion for science and technology who intend to pursue a STEM degree in college are invited to apply for one of fifteen Tech For Good merit scholarships. The selected Tech For Good Fellows will be awarded a $10,000 scholarship toward their Global Citizen Year tuition. These Fellows will participate in a special curriculum focusing on the complex relationship between technology, poverty, and development, and explore ways to use technology to drive positive social impact.

Eligibility: US-based applicants with a passion for science and technology and intent to pursue a STEM degree in college. The deadline to apply for this opportunity is April 1, 2020.

How to Apply: Check the Tech For Good box on your application. You will then be prompted to submit a short essay response describing why you are qualified for this scholarship.

United World Colleges Scholarship

Through a partnership with United World Colleges International and patron Shelby M.C. Davis, we are offering up to 40 Davis Global Citizen Year Scholarships. Scholarships cover airfare from Global Citizen Year training in California to your host country, in-country program expenses, and room and board. These gap year scholarships are evaluated based on financial need.

Eligibility: Offered exclusively for UWC students.

How to Apply: Check the UWC Davis Scholarship box on your application.

College Track Scholarship

Students who are part of College Track are eligible for a merit scholarship covering the full cost of the Global Citizen Year program.

Eligibility: Must be a College Track student

How to Apply: Check the College Track box on your application.


Each semester, we carefully review all incoming financial aid applications, and regularly have more outstanding candidates than aid available.

We are dedicated to making the Academy accessible to talented young leaders from all backgrounds. We also know that people from the global south and people who identify as BIPOC are underrepresented in positions of leadership and disproportionately impacted by income inequality. Therefore, our financial aid targets individuals without the means to afford the Academy, with a need- and demographically-aware philosophy to ensure that we are giving access to traditionally underserved groups.


1. Submit your Application

You can submit your application through our website! When you come to the question ‘Will you be requesting need-based financial aid for the Academy?’ select YES if you are unable to afford the tuition.

2. Receive Admissions Decision & Financial Aid Application

Your admissions decision will be made within five business days of submitting your application. If your application is rejected, unfortunately, that is the end of the application process. If you are accepted you will begin the clearance process! You will gain access to your student portal via email which will have more information on the next steps, including the financial aid application.

3. Clearance & Financial Aid Application

As part of the clearance process, you will have one week to submit your financial aid application. ALL applicable clearance requirements must be submitted for your financial aid request to be considered:

  • Financial Aid Application: If you requested to apply for financial aid on your application then you will find the internal Global Citizen Year financial aid form on your student portal. You will need to submit the financial aid form as well as supporting documents.
  • Systems Check: Everyone is required to complete the systems check. This is done to make sure that your computer’s processing speed will be able to handle the course load the Academy requires.
  • Language Assessment: If you noted on your application that you are NOT a fluent or native English speaker, you will be asked to complete a short Language Assessment that will be linked to your student portal.

Note: To continue on this admissions process you must complete these steps within the 7-day deadline and you must meet the necessary requirements of the Language Assessment and/or Systems Check.

4. Receive Financial Aid Package & Enroll

Once you’ve made it to this stage you are only two steps away from officially enrolling in the Academy! Here are the two steps you will need to complete within one week of receiving them:

  • Completing your DocuSign: You will be emailed your financial aid package through DocuSign. You will need to read through your DocuSign, pay your deposit (if applicable), and sign. After you sign it will be emailed to your parent/guardian to be signed.
  • Registering for your Course Time: You will be able to register for course times through your student portal. You can edit your schedule until August 4th or until a class time is full.

Due to high demand, we cannot hold your financial aid or your spot in the Academy if we do not receive your completed Docusign and deposit within the allotted week.

If you are unable to afford the offer in your Welcome Packet, you can contact

There is a financial aid waitlist if the requested aid is currently unavailable. We cannot guarantee that a student on the waitlist will receive additional aid.

5. Congratulations!

Once you have completed all the stages above you will be officially registered for the Global Citizen Year Academy! You will then begin receiving communications from our Programs team about the Academy leading up to the start of the semester!


UWC Alumni Need-Based Scholarships: Thanks to United World Colleges (UWC) International patron Shelby M.C. Davis, Global Citizen Year is pleased to offer eligible UWC alumni access to Global Citizen Year Academy through need-based scholarships.

All UWC alumni accepted to the Academy will be awarded a $1,000USD UWC Davis scholarship. The remaining tuition is $4,000USD, and additional financial aid is available based on demonstrated financial need.

Eligibility: UWC alumni through the age of 21.

We encourage UWC alumni to apply early as scholarships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have questions about the UWC partnership scholarship, or you’re interested in establishing a partnership for your UWC campus, please contact for more information.

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Enlight Foundation Scholarship

The Enlight Foundation focuses on creating equal educational opportunities for children in developing countries, and on fostering social entrepreneurs and changemakers among youth. At Global Citizen Year the Enlight Foundation Scholarship was established with the goal to provide students from specific regions access to Global Citizen Year Academy.

Eligibility: Post-high school to 21-year-old students who hold citizenship of China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, or South Korea

If you have questions about the Enlight Foundation scholarship, or you’re an organization from China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, or South Korea and interested in establishing a partnership with us, please contact for more information.


Introducing, The Heartland Scholarship—a new, state-wide initiative exclusively for young Ohio leaders. Global Citizen Year is awarding need-based scholarships for eligible, accepted applicants to enroll in Global Citizen Year Academy. Join us O-H-I-O!

Eligibility: Ohio high school graduates through 21 years old

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Global Citizen Year is proud to partner with College Track to find exceptional young leaders from College Track’s network. College Track students or alumni are eligible for full financial aid through our College Track Scholarship.

Eligibility: College track students or alumni who are high school graduates through 21 years old