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Leading Ideas Series

Ufra Mir: Peace psychology and her decolonised approach to wellbeing and peace building

October 7 @ 8.30am (EST)

Ufra is a peace psychologist & founder of the International Center for Peace-psychology.

The key ideas in this session:

Peace Psychology 

Indigenous approaches to wellbeing & peace building

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Take Action Lab (TAL) Talk

September 29 @10am (EST)

Join Sahar (Ecuador ’16) for a deep dive into the different components of the TAL program.

Discover more about:

The Virtual & Immersion Experience

The Theme of the Program

Application Details

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The Hoffman Institute Essentials

December 6 @TBD

The Hoffman Institute Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to transformative adult education, spiritual growth, and the personal dimensions of leadership.

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Positive Peace Course by the Institute of Economics and Peace

Ongoing Access

We have partnered with IEP to provide Global Citizen Year alumni with priority admittance into this course. Rethink peace with the Institute’s data-driven approach and discover how Positive Peace is associated with better performance on ecological sustainability, improved wellbeing, stronger GDP growth rates and better business outcomes.

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What is the Community Hub?

The Community Hub is an exclusive platform for Global Citizen Year alumni. It is intended to continue supporting our alumni on their leadership journey beyond Global Citizen Year. The Community Hub has tools to support alumni as they explore their inner landscape and work on making the world a better place. Join here to connect with your fellow alumni across the globe.

How can I get in touch with alumni who are in a particular country/industry/class year?

The best place to go is the Community Hub! In the Alumni Directory you'll be able to search by interests, industry, location, cohort, and more! You can also visit our alumni LinkedIn Group or Facebook Group.

How do I request a letter of recommendation?

To request a letter of recommendation, login to the Community Hub. The letter of recommendation request form is under the Resources Section.