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Get on-the-ground experience working with human rights organizations and the communities they serve.

Early Childhood Education

Everyone has the right to education. Yet many children face limited opportunities to learn. Local initiatives providing after school programming and workshops are at the frontlines of addressing educational inequities at this critical developmental stage. You can be part of the solution by helping these organizations support children’s literacy, numeracy, and social development.


Food Security & Access to Economic Development

Everyone has the right to food. Unfortunately many people don’t have reliable access to nutritious meals. Throughout Cape Town, urban farms have risen to the challenge, helping communities grow food and generate income. Often run by community associations or women’s cooperatives, these hands-on apprenticeships provide an opportunity to get your hands dirty and make a difference. You could contribute in a variety of ways including tending the farm, running workshops, connecting farmers with markets, and developing dehydrators and other innovations to add value.


Human Mobility, Migration & Refugees

The rights of immigrants and refugees are often at the greatest risk. South Africa has one of the highest population of refugees and asylum seekers in the world some drawn by economic opportunity, others fleeing natural disasters, economic crises, or political instability. Organizations are providing support to this vulnerable population from many different angles. You can help immigrants and refugees access social services and overcome barriers to employment by assisting with digital literacy, English language skills, and supporting resumes and applications. There’s also important work to be done combatting xenophobia by mediating dialogues and celebrating the cultural diversity of immigrant communities.


Women & Girls Empowerment

Women and girls continue to battle for equal rights across many different fronts. Within Cape Town, organizations are hard at work helping women attain economic independence, overcome trauma, and navigate pregnancy and early motherhood with the support and resources they need. You can be part of this important work by helping facilitate workshops and support groups, preparing newborn care packs, and helping the organizations grow their impact with fundraising and awareness campaigns.


Youth Empowerment

Every young person deserves the chance to build confidence and discover their unique gifts. But while talent is universally distributed, opportunity is not. That’s where organizations providing a wide-variety of after school programs come in. Depending on your interests, you could be assistant-coaching a soccer team, leading a meditation group, providing homework support, or offering arts enrichment. No matter the format, you’ll be fostering self-esteem, leadership, and a sense of community in the next generation.


Placement & Structure

Apprenticeship placements are carefully considered to provide a match between a student’s skills and interests and the organization’s needs. As a student, you’ll share your preferences through a detailed questionnaire which our team will use to match you with your apprenticeship.

You’ll work at your apprenticeship 4-5 days each week.


Mentorship & Support

At your apprenticeship you’ll be paired with an experienced supervisor. They’ll provide training to get you up to speed, and throughout your experience they’ll provide active mentorship and coaching to help you maximize your impact and your learning.

How many students work at each apprenticeship site?

Each apprenticeship site will host between 1-3 students.

What’s a typical week like?

You’ll work at your apprenticeship 4-5 days a week. The Global Citizen Year team will host weekly cultural activities or excursions for your cohort. During your free time you’ll have opportunities to explore Cape Town with your cohort and immerse in the local community.

Ready to begin your journey?