Global Citizen Year is addressing our current global challenges by changing the composition, operating system, and impact
of the next generation of changemakers.

Why We Exist: The Challenge

Our world is in crisis. Who will help
change it?

Our greatest challenges—from pandemics and populism, to persistent racial injustice and our imminent climate crisis—cannot be solved by one community, or country alone. The fate of humanity rests on our ability to collaborate across lines of difference; and while our lives are interconnected, our experiences are not.

My reason for hope in this time of peril… comes from those who demonstrate compassionate, competent, and courageous leadership. We need leaders who build bridges, not walls...who bring us together, and who transcend the politics of division.”

Darren Walker, President, Ford Foundation

Many of our most accomplished social justice leaders have one thing in common: they were shaped by formative experiences close to the problems they’re now solving.

These experiences gave them the context, empathy, insight and drive to see opportunities where others saw obstacles, and to work collaboratively, despite differences, to find shared solutions.

Overcoming our shared, global challenges requires a critical mass of diverse, action-based visionaries, who are are committed to a purpose greater than themselves and have the tools to make a positive impact.

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What We Do: The Solution

Global Citizen Year is pioneering a new educational pathway to launch the next generation of global changemakers.

Our current educational paradigm is outdated and failing to create the social justice leaders our world urgently needs. High school has become a high stakes game to get into college and most get to campus without a clear purpose.

In the U.S. just 3% of students report having a transformative experience in college. By equipping the next generation with empathy, agency and a global perspective, we’re changing the inputs into higher education in order to dramatically improve the outcomes.

Step 1

Recruit and Select

Each year, we identify diverse young people who represent a cross-section of our society as a whole, with exceptional potential: self-starting, driven, and influential among their peers. We begin working with these students at their most formative age, when they have the maturity to leave home but have not yet fixed their values and identity.

Step 2

Train and Transform

Our programs’ core components (curriculum, coaching, and a diverse cohort) shape students’ trajectories by influencing their values, identity, and sense of purpose.

Step 3


Our alumni approach college and careers with agency, empathy, a global perspective, and a driving sense of purpose. Global Citizen Year is the foundation that shapes their life’s choices and trajectory.

Step 4


Over time, we will unleash a critical mass of diverse, highly-capable, and socially and globally aware visionaries, who are committed to advancing the greater good. Supported by our powerful and growing network, Global Citizen Year alumni will be a significant force in advancing human progress.

We are partnering with leading colleges and universities to leverage the
resources of higher education, while influencing its evolution

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Global Citizen Year is a bold new idea with the potential to have a significant impact over time. By harnessing the idealism of today's youth, Global Citizen Year will build a new force of leaders who will create lasting solutions to overcome poverty and inequity on a global scale.”

Wendy Kopp,
Founder of Teach For America and Teach For All

Our Vision

A new generation dedicated to bringing curiosity, conviction and courage to overcoming our shared global challenges.

With a decade of proven impact, Global Citizen Year is at an inflection point. In the next decade we aim to grow our impact and influence exponentially.

By 2030 we’ll train 10,000 students annually: the same throughput as the Ivy League, with the same outsized influence on society.

Participation in Global Citizen Year will be a mark of distinction. Colleges will provide preferred admissions, financial aid and academic credit for our alumni, and employers will compete to hire them. As our alumni move into positions of influence—as CEOs, journalists, senators or social entrepreneurs—they’ll drive solutions that create a more just, peaceful and sustainable world.

Beyond our direct impact, we’re using our model as a proof-of-concept to catalyze a sea-change in our educational paradigm. By partnering with colleges, policy-makers and our own alumni we will redefine the transition to adulthood. By fundamentally reimagining this life stage, we can equip a critical mass of young people, all around the world, to build a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

We are proud to work with a range of world-class partners who help us
identify, train, and support our students

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The Future is up to you

Join our amazing community of donors to help launch the next generation of changemakers the world needs now. Global Citizen Year is a 501c3, non-profit, and all contributions are fully tax-deductible.