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South Africa's historical and cultural context provides an ideal environment to learn about human rights.


Cape Town

Crowned by the iconic Table Mountain and stretching to the beautiful blue coastline, Cape Town is a stunning city ready to take your breath away. One of South Africa’s three capitals, Cape Town is a lively metropolis that is proudly multicultural. Since the end of Apartheid in 1994, South Africa has become a leader in the human rights space with one of the most progressive constitutions in the world. The work to promote and protect human rights continues today, with many social justice initiatives calling Cape Town home.




Just a ten minute ride from downtown, Observatory – known to locals as Obs – is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood with a bohemian feel. Popular with artists and students from the nearby University, Observatory is brimming with quirky shops, cozy cafes, and a wide variety of restaurants. As you walk around, you’ll find eclectic thrift shops, bookstores, and some amazing street art.



Live together with your cohort

Within the Obs neighborhood, we provide several houses for Take Action Lab students. You’ll get to live together with several students coming from countries all over the world – adding another layer of cultural immersion to your experience. Each student has their own private bedroom with a bed, desk, and storage. Communal spaces – like the living room and fully equipped kitchen – make it easy to gather and socialize. 


What amenities does housing include?

Houses are fully furnished and include shared common spaces, bathrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and laundry facilities. Each student has their own private bedroom with a bed, desk, and storage. Wifi, water, electricity, and cleaning fees are included in tuition.

How does Global Citizen Year support students’ safety?

The health and safety of our students is a top priority for our staff and organization, and we have staff exclusively dedicated to this. While there are always risks involved with traveling abroad; we have many policies in place to support our students and we discuss how to minimize those risks and make informed decisions whenever possible with our program country staff and partners. Each student is given a SIM card with the shared expectation they can call the Emergency Hotline 24 hours a day, and our staff will also be able contact them in the event of an emergency. All students are required to have travel medical  insurance while they are abroad.

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