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Carly Nolan


Things That Happen When You Start Hanging Out With Locals

January 23, 2020

–You will pick up on slang and start using random Hindi and Marathi in your everyday language. Here are some examples:"Take nah?": Indians add "nah" at the end of almost all their sentences, you will do it too."Haan": Yes"Kya hua?": What happened?/what's up?"Kya?": What?"Theek hai": Okay"Accha": Good"Ye kaya hai?": What is this?–You may find yourself...

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Monday Morning

December 23, 2019

Monday morning begins at 05:30. My morning is slow and filled with lots of tasks that don’t take much thinking. I get dressed in my work clothes: a kurta and leggings, before I make my way to the washroom to brush my teeth and hair, wash my face, and put on a little bit of...

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An Invitation

October 27, 2019

Dear The Friends and Family Who Are Requesting More Blog Posts,      I invite you all to step into my shoes:      I come from a place, a family, a community of people who have not seen the world and believe so much of the horrible things they read and see about the...

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Indian Hospitals and Adrak Chai

October 2, 2019

My first month here in India, in regards to health, has been an interesting experience to say the least. I have consistently been a favorite snack for Pune’s entire mosquito population, been to the hospital twice, been prescribed 7 different medications, and drank a few too many cups of adrak chai (ginger tea). I know...

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5th Time’s a Charm

September 11, 2019

I’ve tried writing this blog post 4 times before now. I wanted to write about how Global Launch has been culture shock in itself with all the different, and very strongly opinionated, people about to embark on their own bridge years. I wanted to write about how even though I pride myself in being an...

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Preparing To Leave And The Goodbyes That Come With

August 29, 2019

     There’s been a lot of tears shed in the days leading up to my flight to San Francisco for global launch. Saying goodbye for now to my friends proved to be way more difficult than anticipated and they just got harder as my departure grew closer. Knowing my family was coming up to...

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