Melissa Matias

Melissa is passionate about visual arts, traveling, and writing. She is involved in bringing awareness to multiple issues on her spare time such as domestic violence, inequalities within America's justice system, and much more. Her goals for the year are to completely indulge herself into a new culture, break stereotypes through art, and push herself to take risks and be confident in her choices and abilities to make change. She is inspired by the simple shine a person gets in their eyes when they're genuinely happy, fulfilled, and successful.


27 P.M.

My emotions are usually at a plateau. No substantially huge downs and even less ups. I just exist? I do everything I’m supposed to and those are my normal days. Of course, there’s amazing moments within these days but it’s incomparable to this rare feeling…

16 November, 2019

Being Homesick Sucks?

“Live in the present” they say but for some reason, I can’t stop thinking about the life I’ve been living for the past eighteen years. October 27th was Diwali and in preparation of it, my host family and I set up lights and lamps all…

05 November, 2019


My "experience" in high school wasn't a good one but don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad one either. What it HAS been was a journey trying to find the "up to my down".  In elementary school, my fourth grade teacher asked the…

31 August, 2019

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Melissa Matias