Levin Stamm

Levin is passionate about social entrepreneurship, specifically in the field of education. During his time at UWC Costa Rica, he coordinated and taught English workshops in San José's poorest neighborhood. Additionally, he volunteers for Lumni, a Colombian non-profit organization that designs and manages investment funds in education. His goal for the year is to learn more about the causes of structural inequality and to develop ideas and concepts to battle this issue. He also hopes to establish meaningful friendships and become proficient in Hindi.


Rather genuine than friendly – lieber authentisch als freundlich

US-Americans are friendly, happy, interested – all the time. That may be okay at first sight, being traits that indicate the positive state of a person, even of a whole society. At first I was delighted to see the openness and friendliness with which people…

03 September, 2019

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Levin Stamm