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Hello all. I've got some big blog posts in the works recapping the holidays with my host family and my independent travel time on the coast and in the Amazon – and all the learning that came with it – but the next few weeks are crazy busy, and I might not get to those for...

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A Week in the Galapagos


A quick photo summary of our trip to the Galapagos Islands! Fam selfie in the Guayaquil airport on our way to San Cristobal One of my favorite parts of San Cristobal was the overwhelming presence of sea lions. We kept finding them in the funniest spots—chairs, porches, sidewalks.  The view from the balcony of our...

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September 30, 2019 It’s Already Been a Month! I heard my host mom, Monica, tell her sister that it was already the 24th of September and I could barely make my brain process that it’s nearly been a month since I’ve been in Ecuador. I’ve gotten comfortable with my host family and have even introduced them to...

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A Day in the Life


Views of the inactive volcano, Tayta Imbabura, from one of our morning hikes.  5AM – 8AM               Wake up, with hours depending on whether or not we will take a morning            hike around the volcano. I awake with the all-natural alarms of geese            honking, roosters crowing, and the baby...

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Growing Pains


(Before we start, just know this blog was written over the course of a month.)  As I think about my past 4 months in Ecuador, both a lot and a little come to mind. Part of me feels like I have been here for no time at all, knowing I will always be a foreigner....

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1 year, 3 countries


  In 2019, I was lucky enough to live in and call three different countries my home: Norway, Germany and Ecuador. This is actually still surreal to me now that I’m typing it out. I’ve always wanted to travel and to see the world, but it just wasn’t too realistic financially. It truly was UWC...

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Pachamanca (Kichwa pacha “earth” and manka “pot”) is a traditional Andean dish that has existed since the time of the Inca Empire. The dish is based on baking in a hole (the earth oven) dug in the ground with hot stones. It is typically made during the rituals of the four ancestral festivals of the...

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En la Fábrica


Before coming to Ecuador, many people told me not to have high expectations. They told me I would be disappointed if I thought my Global Citizen Year was going to be all rainbows and butterflies; therefore, I tried to set low expectations before coming here. However, once we got to the country launch and I...

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The Power of a Cup of Coffee


Recently, I have really enjoyed sitting down and just enjoying a cup of coffee. Not in the morning because my mornings, like most, are hectic, but during some part of the day. That might be funny to hear from an eighteen-year-old and especially one who before now did not even really appreciate a good cup...

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EMBARRASSING MOMENTS   Coming into Ecuador my biggest fear was the language barrier, in my host family and at my apprenticeship. I knew almost zero spanish when I first arrived to Ecuador and as you can imagine within these last 3 1/2 months I’ve had many embarrassing moments. One moment in particular that stands out to...

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Why I’m So Grateful


My seventh-grade teachers were masters at instilling the subtle power of gratitude. Trekking out into the forest on campus every Friday morning, with crazy creek chairs in one hand and a journal in the other, our class gathered for a community snack and gratitude circle, passing around carrot cake or scones while giving and accepting...

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Long time no see


Before I start this blog post I would like to apologize for not writing anything for over a month. I guess there just hasn’t been a single topic or event that inspired a reflection worth sharing. I rather spent the last one and a half months gradually working through thoughts, realizations and just learning a...

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