Charlie Dickerson

Charlie Dickerson is passionate about saving our planet. He is involved in anti-plastic campaigns in his home town and research on the chemical degradation of certain environmental pollutants. His goals for the year are to undergo personal growth, broaden his perspective by becoming a better global citizen, and take lots of photos. Charlie is inspired by nature and the vastness of our planet.


Places and Faces

Alright people, here it is… The long awaited photo album of my travels throughout December and January. ~ The first trip was to Manta, a city on the coast, with my friends Buddy, Luke, Amelia, Sadie, Abby, and Drew. I didn’t take that many photos because we pretty much just went to the beach, which…

09 March, 2020


I’ve officially hit the five month mark. With two months left, I want to reflect upon the two things that I appreciate more than anything: my host family and my family back home. It was Christmas Eve. I was in the midst of scrambling to finish my nine college applications after I got rejected by…

03 February, 2020


Hello all. I've got some big blog posts in the works recapping the holidays with my host family and my independent travel time on the coast and in the Amazon – and all the learning that came with it – but the next few weeks are crazy busy, and I might not get to those for…

14 January, 2020

Five-Star Food for Thought

Now that I’ve been sick in bed all week and have finished every episode of Black Mirror, I guess all I’ve got left to do is catch up on the blogging. Before I get into the main topic of this post, I’ll provide a brief update on what I’ve been up to over the past…

04 December, 2019

Where I’m At

I apologize for taking so long, yet again, to give another update; I'll try to get better about writing more frequently. Since I last wrote, a lot has gone on down here in Ecuador. To best explain what has happened, we have to go back to a meeting that took place last spring between Ecuadorian…

04 November, 2019


This post is long overdue; I'm actually going to fill you in on a noteworthy day a couple of weeks ago. Before I begin, I would like to define the title of this post. Ecuatime is a way of life. Down here, people move at a different pace. That means that, if you are invited…

10 October, 2019

Anecdotes from the First Week

A little over a week ago, I left the comfort of my fellows and entered the real Ecuadorian world. Bit by bit, our cohorts had been shrinking. Starting as a global cohort of 150, we said our goodbyes after a week at Stanford. After a few days at a monastery in Quito, the Ecuador cohort…

19 September, 2019


Life in Laguna Beach came and went with the tides. Over the course of a decade, confusion and anxiety ebbed out to sea, soon to be replaced by curiosity and zeal. The final four years showed me what I was made of deep down, but I never felt that I embodied that. You see, I…

30 August, 2019

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Charlie Dickerson