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Elise Rockwell


Growing Pains

December 28, 2019

(Before we start, just know this blog was written over the course of a month.)  As I think about my past 4 months in Ecuador, both a lot and a little come to mind. Part of me feels like I have been here for no time at all, knowing I will always be a foreigner....

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The Paro Blog

October 26, 2019

They said October would be hard. And it has been. Just not in the way I expected. For 12 days, national protests paralyzed the entire country of Ecuador because of a new deal the president signed involving the IMF (International Monetary Fund.)  I could go into specifics but you can read up on that in...

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The Power of "Sí"

September 24, 2019

If I had to sum up all my emotions into one experience since I have been living in Ecuador with my host family, it would be as such: We had finished eating dinner and normally I would say goodnight and head upstairs but I see my host mother putting on a sweater. I assume she...

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My Own Hero’s Journey

August 24, 2019

My name is Elise Rockwell, and I am moving to Ecuador for 7 months with the program Global Citizen Year.    There are plenty of things I could write about, but I am not going to write about what my future holds in the next year because you will see that for yourself (if you so...

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