Angela Seo

Angela is passionate about traveling, trying new food, and helping others. During high school, she was involved in Key Club where she helped sponsor two kids in Zimbabwe go to school and organized projects to help raise money through the Thirst Project to build a well in Eswatini. She also played field hockey and lacrosse and was an editor for the newspaper. Her goals for the year are to fully immerse herself in the Ecuadorian culture, to improve her Spanish, and to develop meaningful relationships with her community and fellows. Her favorite quote is, “Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime” by Mark Twain.


Bad Luck

My other fellow fellows and I at Peguche waterfall during Debrief Circle 2. It was a struggle to get there with crutches, but with the help of fellows and staff, I got to see the beautiful view! I will be the first to admit that…

06 November, 2019

Carolina In My Mind

Before I leave for Ecuador, I want to reflect on what I will miss about home.  I’m going to miss the snow and how frozen roads meant no school.  I’m going to miss Korean food. I brought a bottle of Sriracha (though not Korean) to…

31 August, 2019

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Angela Seo