Elaine Liang

Elaine is passionate about environmental sustainability, existential and moral philosophy, social justice, and the importance of creativity. During high school, she founded a nonprofit that aims to nourish the creativity and sense of purpose among chronically ill children through creating their own fictional storybooks. She was Captain of her school's varsity swim, played the drums for marching band, held a computer science internship for 2 summers, and lead her school's Biology Club. Her goals for the year are to achieve fluency in conversational Spanish, gain insight into a culture vastly different from her own, and most of all, streamline all her varying interests and passions into a common theme to enter college with a renewed sense of self. One of her favorite quotes is "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." ~Albert Einstein


The Paro Buzz

Cars and trucks honked endlessly to celebrate the end of the paro, with the government withdrawing its Decree to stop gas subsidies. It was October 13, 2019, 11 days since everyone had been confined within their communities. While life appeared to return to normal, throughout…

20 April, 2020

I Missed You

                                  Left to right:                        Official Poster of her titled “Voices of the Past”          Mother-in-law, my supervisor Luzmila In my apprenticeship, my supervisor’s mother-in-law talks to me whenever I pass her. Since she speaks a mix of 90% Kichwa and 10% Spanish, I often don’t…

24 January, 2020

Palabras de Elaine

A Manosalvas Fonte Christmas tradition where each family unit prepares a skit with the funniest skit winning a grand prize. Our family were characters from the Mexican comedy “El Chavo del Ocho”, and I was the main character, Chavo. We won the grand prize- a…

20 January, 2020

A Day in the Life

Views of the inactive volcano, Tayta Imbabura, from one of our morning hikes.  5AM – 8AM               Wake up, with hours depending on whether or not we will take a morning            hike around the volcano. I awake with the…

02 January, 2020

Chicha, the Symbol of Indigenous Strength

Chicha is a fermented corn drink essential to all the fiestas and festivals of the indigenous community. In the past, the militaristic government did everything in their power to prevent the indigenous from drinking or making chicha. Anyone who tried was killed on the spot….

14 November, 2019


The smiles of Mami Rosa, the friendliness of Papi Jose, the openness of mis hermanas – all warmly welcomed me into the house of Manosalvas Fonte, located in the city of González Suárez. Yet, when Jose asked me “¿Extrañas a tus padres?”, I couldn’t prevent…

08 September, 2019

My 100-Word Inspiration

I was scrolling through my Linkedln feed one pleasant morning when I came upon the following post from my soon-to-be alma mater:  I do admit that I am a rather verbose writer. I tend to read verbose authors (looking at you, Edith Wharton) and enjoy…

31 August, 2019

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Elaine Liang