Abdallah Salha

Abdallah is a UWC Red Cross Nordic alumnus from Palestine. He is interested in cultures, politics and biology. Abdallah was born in Saudi Arabia to a family that traveled around the Middle East to study and teach in different cultural settings. They were his inspiration to go outside Palestine seeking a unique future and more opportunities. He represented his country Palestine per to an invitation from the US Department of State as the youngest Palestinian Ambassador in 2013, worked at the Gaza Strip regional student Parliament for five years, and served at UWC Red Cross Nordic as a qualified first aider and lifeguard. He also takes the chance to kayak, canoe, swim, dive, jog, run and hike to discover the biology that he learns in class in real-life settings. Abdallah fell in love with nature upon his arrival to Norway in August 2017 and therefore he doesn’t hesitate to try new things in Life. Looking forward to arriving in Ecuador to learn Spanish, get to know the Ecuadorian culture and people, and to be outdoors in the beautiful Ecuadorian nature! Abdallah’s inspired by the quote: “Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding” by Albert Einstein, so he joins peace programs in the hope of changing the political situation that his country is facing nowadays.

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