7 months in a 10-minute video!

Dear all,

Thank you for subscribing to my Senegal experience closely and that were supportive all throughout this amazing experience.

I’m more than glad to tell you that I finally made it to Gaza, Palestine on May 5, 2020, after 2 months of tough travels and quarantines. I am again put in a quarantine facility in Gaza as a preventive measure as the Covid-19 hasn’t spread outside the quarantine facilities hosting those coming from abroad yet. I will be out of quarantine hopefully by May 26th, but they may extend the duration of the quarantine. This is the view from my quarantine room at Al-Mathaf Hotel, Gaza. 

Sharing my Capstone project with you. I made a cool video out of some of the many amazing experiences I had in Senegal. I hope you like it.

Finally, I’d like to say that I am honored and very glad that I took this amazing opportunity. I can see how I have grown and matured through it!

Watch the video on Facebook through this link: https://www.facebook.com/abdullah.salha.3/posts/2944441795645558

Stay safe and take good care of yourselves!