Many people ask:
“Angie, why take a gap year…why wait?” and today I will give you 5
reasons why a gap year is benificial.

1. High school can be a very difficult time contrary to popular belief.
Many people, such as myself applied to college yet deffered because they
were unsure of what they wanted to do. By taking a gap year, Student’s will
have extra time to figure out what they want to do for the rest of their
life without having to stress about or even feel that college is an
obligation rather than something fun that will take you many places.

2. Many things you wish you could have achieved a in high school can be
acieved without even having to be at a University. Slept through every
Spanish class? Head to Ecuador for your gap year, where you’ll be forced to
speak the language every day. Wish you knew more history? Spend time
touring and sight seeing around Sengal, Brazil or India etc. A gap year is
your time to refine the specific skills you feel like you’re lacking and
sharpen them up for college.

3. If you didn’t know, your college will not look down on you for taking a
year off. Some of the most prestigious Universities such as Harvard, Yale,
Stanford etc all encourage that students take gap year. Why? : many schools
report that gap year students have higher GPAs and are more involved on
campus, so their attitudes toward gap years are far from unfavorable.

4. Essentially, you are helping yourself with job opportunities or
internships. Whatever volunteer work or job you did while on your gap year
will most definitely be what stands out on your resume.

5. “When else are you going to be 18 years old with no job, no mortgage
payments, no significant other, no kids, no homework and no worries? Never.
The answer is never. So what are you waiting for!?”