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We’ve worked for the past decade with 1,000 Fellows, thoughtfully crafting each part of the journey to create unique, unparalleled experiences. Global Citizen Year puts you a world ahead, so you can move the world ahead.

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The Experience


Part 1: Leadership Training

Become part of a select cohort of promising young changemakers. Together, your global cohort will kick things off with a week at Stanford University where you’ll get the foundation to make the most of your gap year. Learn about making a global impact from world-class speakers and industry leaders at organizations like Google, Kiva, and Room to Read. Build new friendships, and board your flight with a close-knit cohort of amazing Fellows by your side.


September – March

Part 2: Global Immersion & Apprenticeship

Land in your new country and begin easing into deep immersion. You’ll start with a six week series of trainings, language tutoring, and progressively longer stays with your host family. Soon you’ll truly become part of your host family and community. At your apprenticeship you’ll get to work on local projects for responsible impact. You’ll have support from your Team Leader and friends, and the independence to shape your own experience.


April – Forever

Part 3: Lifelong Network

Reunite with all the Fellows in California, making meaning of your experience and learning how to share your story to inspire change. Enter college with our alumni network behind you, and new opportunities to look forward to. Your gap year is just the beginning!

How much does this cost?

Tuition for Global Citizen Year Academy is $5,000 USD. Need-based scholarships are available.

What about college?

Most colleges are supportive of gap years - not surprising when studies show that gap students get higher GPAs and are more active on campus. Whether you choose to defer your acceptance or to re-apply, our Director of College Admissions Guidance will support you through the process. We're also proud to offer several college partnerships.


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