Darwin Lopez

Darwin is passionate about business, travel, and culture. He is involved in Global Glimpse Ambassadors and an intern at Lift A Brother Up. He has spent 2 years working with children in his local community being a big brother to them. Also he enjoys bowling,fishing, and hiking in parks. His favorite quote is " Live As If you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever" - Gandhi.


New blog

3 Weeks  I remeber when it was the first week of ICO in Dakar, I just wanted to go pack my bags and catch the next flight home. I wasnt sure that I had made the right decision on taking this gap year program with having my host family and I getting robbed on the…

17 March, 2017

Blog about food

 For my beloved Benye ❤️️ You was there in the bad times You were there in the good times At first you were mysterious By your looks you had me curious  But than you got dry  But later you surprised me with warmth It was so special almost made me cry. Thus We got to…

01 March, 2017

Words through Pictures!

                             –Sunset while on a truck – Man creating fabric cloth only using his feet to power this contraption  – this tree shows how abstract my mind is. – The SeneGals taking a stroll downtown.   –It’s witnessed a lot In its time -it feels a…

01 March, 2017

My Wildlife Room

This average room has a door,window, and a bathroom. Just your usual room right? Well it would be if I weren’t sharing it with like 5 other creatures. I should introduce my roommates. 1. First you have the quiet but interesting gecko. It’s always on the bathroom roof just chilling every night. We first met…

23 February, 2017


I turn on my ears, I hear the screams of the sheep singing the song of death. I hear the gargle of blood blocking its voice from saying it’s goodbye. I open my hands, I hold the dead sheep legs while my host brother skins it away the skin slicing one muscle at a time….

23 February, 2017

How to Train a Wild Bird

Waking up to a beautiful morning the sun was shining down upon me and the smell of cafe touba was in the air. It was a good start to my day. Later, when I was in my room I was studying my french and noticed a bird just suddenly landed on my window. It started…

23 February, 2017

The Famous Drummer who had no Money

It was a chill day today, I read 50 pages of this one Spanish novel it had at me curious. I loved it! Later at night though things got a bit wild. As I started hearing loud music and laughter outside my room it caught my attention so I went outside to check it out….

15 February, 2017

Aug.19.16. Day 1

Well what can I say I started getting nervous and shaking once I got to the SFO Airport. I thought they left me behind since it took me a while to find them. When we got to the bus met these two cool gals named Phoebe and Rosa. If y’all reading this shoutout from Senegal…

19 September, 2016

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Darwin Lopez