I turn on my ears, I hear the screams of the sheep singing the song of death. I hear the gargle of blood blocking its voice from saying it’s goodbye.

I open my hands, I hold the dead sheep legs while my host brother skins it away the skin slicing one muscle at a time. I looked at my hands now covered in blood and white fur.

I open my eyes, I see the blood everywhere from my host brother hand to the floor. He looked as if he was an artist whenever he had the machete in his hand. It was his paint brush.

Blood had fallen on my pants as a sign that I took part of this act.

The sheep is now beheaded and it’s now looking at its own body from a corner.

Machete which was grey now was dipped in dark red.

It was as if I was in biology class all over again dissecting animals but this time a bit more bigger.

It was my first time being involved in taking part of killing an Animal and collecting the meat. It wasn’t my last time though being here so far……..