Aug.19.16. Day 1

Well what can I say I started getting nervous and shaking once I got to the SFO Airport. I thought they left me behind since it took me a while to find them. When we got to the bus met these two cool gals named Phoebe and Rosa. If y’all reading this shoutout from Senegal to Ecuador lol! They provided life saving snacks for my hunger in that bus and were really cool people to talk to. Few hours later we had reached our camp at Redwoods were I was surprised to see a row of fellows giving us a warm welcome it was nice 9/10 performance! Also got to make new friends during dinner that lead to a group of us making a sit of vendors selling fafaro. During my free time I played a fierce chess game with my roommate score for now is 0-1 🙁 Ended the night going on a walk with Rosa looking for Stars. No stars were found that night……..To be continued