How to Train a Wild Bird

Waking up to a beautiful morning the sun was shining down upon me and the smell of cafe touba was in the air. It was a good start to my day. Later, when I was in my room I was studying my french and noticed a bird just suddenly landed on my window. It started to chirping as it watched me study and was curious of my room. Few minutes later it flew on the racket holding the door curtains where now it was inside my room just chilling. This bird was bright yellow as a banana and it looked as if it had golden lines in its feathers. It kinda reminded me of who I was as curious as that bird In my time here in Senegal just wondering to unknown¬† places and just seeing everything that Senegal has to show for me and the bird. What happened after was pretty unexpected so what I did was I lift my finger up in the air in the direction of the bird and a few seconds later the bird had landed on my finger. I was pretty excited that this bird was on my finger just chilling and singing. I wanted to show him off to my family so I got up and started walking outside to the back of the house where they were. The bird was still on my finger! When the children saw me they were screaming in astonishment and even wanted to pet it. As for the adults they were surprised as well that I had tamed a wild a bird to stay on my finger. The bird could of flew away any time but it decided to stay with me. I named it ” Goldy” for its golden feathers that would really make the bird shine when it hit the sunlight. When I got back to my room I had made it a little home using a cabinet counter and putting bread on the corner of it with a plate of water. The bird and I spent the day chilling and enjoying each other company it was nice. The bird had a red string tied to its leg so if I were ever to see it again I knew it would be Goldy. Later in the afternoon, the bird flew away for quite a long time. I didn’t see it that day or the day after I wondered if it forgot about me. I wanted to see the red string again to confirm it was actually Goldy. However, a few days later it came back. I was outside my house just resting next to the tree when I see the bird just landed near me but something was off when I saw it this time. It had messed up its wings it wasn’t able to fly properly. I noticed that it wasn’t able to fly as high as it could but it a short time it flew it would fall back down to the ground. As I didn’t knew what to do because I’m not an animal doctor and I don’t much about biology of birds. What I did was bring it to an actual doctor and farmer who raised animals before but I wasn’t too sure about birds unless you count chickens. They told me that it want too serious that it just needed rest and soon it will be back to flying. They took care of it for a week or two. I never visited it because I was always busy so I never had the time. However, a few months later I saw Goldy again flying with the others birds when I was walking in the fields. I wondered if it still remembered me if it saw me from all the way up there. Guess what? It landed near a tree nearby where I was walking around and started to sing again. Did I form a bond with that bird? I will never know but that day I felt something and that how I tamed a bird for a short time when it was with me.