Brinley Barton

Hey there! My name is Brinley Barton, and I am 18 years old. One year ago today I would've never imagined myself even thinking about traveling to Ecuador for a year. I am honestly very grateful, and blessed to have stumbled upon this opportunity and I can't wait for an amazing adventure ahead. The one thing that inspired me to take on this challenge was my interest in different cultures, and the world around me in general. I feel as if I have so much to explore and achieve in my lifetime. I like to keep the saying in my head, "journey with love in your heart, and you will accomplish more than you thought possible." In this light, I know that if I follow my passion of animals and the field of medicine, the world will take me to where I want to be. Some of my goals for the year ahead are to: Become fluent in another language-Become a leader-Learn a new skill. I also hope that in my exploration of these things I can make a difference in the lives of people around me, the environment, and in myself as a person. I am beyond excited to make many new friends and discover what the world has in store for me.


What is my Identity?

Jet lag, living out of a suitcase, being surrounded constantly by people, meeting new people, saying where you are from 1000x, sharing your challenges, re-thinking what you’re doing with your life, coming to a whole different place, trying to find wifi, finding out where you’ll…

10 September, 2018

Let the Unexpected Pave the Way

Dear Future Self, I depart in a little over 1 week to leave for the Global Launch in San Fransisco. Almost all my friends that i’ve spent the past 6 years with have left for college and I feel a strong nostalgic feeling that nothing will…

17 August, 2018

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Brinley Barton