Let the Unexpected Pave the Way

Dear Future Self,

I depart in a little over 1 week to leave for the Global Launch in San Fransisco. Almost all my friends that i’ve spent the past 6 years with have left for college and I feel a strong nostalgic feeling that nothing will be the same again. No high school, no swim team, no being in the same town with the same people (nonetheless the same country).

Alongside that feeling, I also can’t help asking myself “what the hell am I doing here?” Well, that’s why I am writing you. What is this adventure going to bring me? How am I going to completely change in the next year? Who am I going to meet, where am I going to be, and what am I going to learn? 

Well. While those thoughts toss and turn in my head, I know these questions are only to be answered from the present moment that I am in. Really, there will never be the future self that I wish I had, telling me what road lies ahead of me. 

But thats when I encounter my first learning experience and that is, to let go, let the unexpected pave the way, and don’t look back. 

As a take a breath and a step back I realize, this is life, and I am so ready.