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Encompassing half of South America, Brazil is a country of mythic proportions and cultural fusion.



Florianópolis is a stunning island off the southern coastline of Brazil and is the capital of Santa Catarina state. The city is famous for its 42 beaches and ideal surf conditions. Homestays in Florianopolis range from rural to highly urban. Most Fellows will live in brick houses or apartments with electricity and running water.




Humid, near tropical climate with temperatures averaging 60-80°F, 15-27°C


Technology, tourism, traditional fisheries, agriculture


Public buses, bikes, and walking



Family ties are super strong in Brazil. Extended relatives and multiple generations often live close by and frequently come together for celebrations and events, especially delicious churrasco barbecues! Your host family will warmly welcome you into their home, introduce you to new foods, show you the local swimming spots, and help you develop your Portuguese skills.


Work alongside members of your community on projects that make a responsible impact. Brazil offers the opportunity to learn from real world experience in a variety of different apprenticeship sectors.


Assist in teaching any level from pre-school to high school students. Get involved outside of the classroom by leading school gardens, English clubs, science fairs, music, art and computer support.

Environmental Conservation

Work with NGOs providing environmental education or at animal rescue and rehabilitation centers.


Join Brazil's flourishing social impact sector! Work with start-ups, NGOs, and more to empower entrepreneurs and harness technology for social good.

Social Work

Support Brazilian non-profits doing important work for at-risk youth, the elderly, and people with disabilities. Impact takes many forms including art classes, job-training, physical therapy and more!



Brazilian food is influenced by African, European, and Indigenous cuisines. Popular ingredients include cassava, seafood, rice, beans, and many varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables. Be sure to nosh on the brigadeiros (tasty chocolate balls), coxinhas (street food with fried dough and chicken), and the inventive dessert pizzas with toppings like nutella and guava paste!


Use your free time to dive into Brazilian culture! Take a surfing class, join in on a pick-up futbol match, learn how to dance samba, or join your local capoeira club to practice this traditional martial art.


Start off the New Year Brazilian style by dressing all in white, jumping over seven waves at the beach, eating 7 grapes, and completing other rituals for good luck. And don’t forget Brazil’s famous Carnaval celebrations with huge block parties and the awesome samba school performances!