A Day in the Life: Basil

Get a glimpse of life as a Global Citizen Year Fellow, where no two days are ever the same.

My name is Basil.

I'm from Grand Rapids, Michigan and spent my Global Citizen year in the beautiful and chaotic city of Pune, India. Though every day was vastly different, here are some of the more daily routines of my life this year.

Basil Wiering Headshot
7:00 am
Basil teaching at school apprenticeship

Teach Math & English

Every morning, I would catch a rickshaw across town to the school I worked at. I taught 5th graders Math and English, doing my best to bring them up to the grade standard.

2:00 pm
India Community Visit

Community Visit

Once or twice a week, I visit the home of one of my students to introduce myself to the family and share a meal. The kids and I play games together and they never fail to give me detailed neighborhood tours.

India rootop

Rooftop Nap

I come home tired most days from teaching the kids, so oftentimes I head to our rooftop terrace to play music and nap. We keep an old bed up there for that reason, and I doze off to the sounds of the city with the sun beaming down on me.

5:00 pm
India street photography

Explore the City

Dinner is always late at night, so that leaves the afternoon wide open to do whatever I like. I often hail a rickshaw and head into various parts of the city to experiment with new foods, meet friends, or practice street photography.

9:00 pm
India host family dinner

Family Dinner

Family is very important in Indian culture, and every night my family gathers around for the dinner made by my host mom - usually a tasty curry. Most nights, we sit together on the floor and eat with our hands.

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