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Your gap year celebrity is Yara Shahidi!

The star of Black-ish chose to defer from Harvard University in order to take a gap year first.

She’s made the most of her gap year by filming the new TV show Grown-ish and making an impact through her activism and social justice efforts.

What you and Yara Shahidi have in common

She says: “I have chosen to defer beginning my academic life at Harvard to do my best in representing my generation, via Grown-ish, and do a little more ‘growing into’ myself, as well. On the top of my agenda is to continue in the space of activism, particularly helping myself and my peers understand the power and importance of our voices and our votes.”

Like Yara Shahidi, you’re extremely driven and motivated to make an impact. You know that taking a meaningful gap year can put you a world ahead in terms of personal growth, perspective, and real-world experience.

If you want to make the most of college, a gap year is the way to start.


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