A Day in the Life: Noah

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Hey I'm Noah.
I’m from Huntington Beach, California and spent my Global Citizen Year in Azuay, Ecuador. Now I’m studying Critical Diversity Studies at the University of San Francisco. Here’s a look at my day to day life in Azuay. Enjoy!



While my siblings are getting dressed for the school day, I prepare myself a typical breakfast of coffee and eggs. Qué rico!


Co-Teach English Classes

At the school, I co-teach six English classes throughout the course of the day. Each day, I’m greeted by about 200 smiling faces, eager and excited to learn. During class, we translate and learn vocabulary and play educational games sometimes.


Celebrate Dia de los Deportes

Today is dia de los deportes, a special sports celebration, at my school. To celebrate there are many soccer games. I even competed in a short race with a bunch of students and teachers. I didn’t win first place, but I passed a number of my students in the race!



I picked up lunch from a little tienda with my favorite sachi papas – basically just french fries. I also got some deep fried chicken with a little chili sauce!


More Games and Classes

The school celebrations continue in the afternoon. Today my little niece came to visit the event. She’s two-and-a-half and the absolute cutest. I bought her an ice-cream cone and we ate it together on the side while my students played more games.


Family Dinner

School ends at 6:00pm and I get to come home to these crazy, wonderful kids that are my brothers and sisters… well, some of them. Half of them? We have such a large family, I lose count sometimes! At this point, I am pretty tired after my school day, as are they, but we still manage to have a nice dinner together and maybe watch some TV before all heading to bed.


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