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Day in the Life

In the photo: Timia Pratt, India '16, Occidental College

Daily Life as a Fellow

So, what will I actually do all day?

Short answer: You’ll live with your host family, participate in your community through an apprenticeship (it’s like an internship), and attend weekly language classes with the other Fellows. Long answer: It’s hard to generalize a typical day because there’s nothing ‘typical’ about Global Citizen Year – each Fellow shapes their own experience. From community to community and from day to day there’s a HUGE variety of adventures to be had.

Explore a day in the life of some of our Fellows and see what your bridge year could be like!

Home: Ryton, UK

College: Leiden University College The Hague

Home: Silver Spring, Maryland

College: Morehouse College

Home: Unionville, Connecticut

College: Reed College

Home: Las Vegas, Nevada

College: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Home: Van Nuys, California

College: Currently Applying

Home: San Francisco, California

College: University of Tsukuba, Japan

Home: Bend, Oregon

College: Quest University

Home: Cornville, Arizona

College: Northern Arizona University

Home: Miami, Florida

College: University of Florida

Home: Huntington Beach, California

College: University of San Francisco

Home: New York City, New York

College: Hamilton College

Home: Madison, Wisconsin

College: Stanford University

Home: Campo Grande, Brazil

College: Undecided

Home: Portland, Oregon

College: The New School

Home: Førde, Norway

College: NYU Abu Dhabi

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