A bit too off the path


Fuck, fuck. I think that I may have done something really horrible. Here I was feeling all sad in the afternoon because my host brother wouldn't play with me. So I go for a walk to try to get a change of scenery. I buy some chocolate nuts and am on my happy uneventful way. I see a little green pathway that seemed to lead to a trail through the mountains, so of course I most absolutely just had to check it out. I walk till the end only to be faced with a sign with the word 'PROHIBIDO' written on it. So I couldn't just ignore it and pretend that I didn't understand what it meant. So I'm walking back and see this cute little kid waving at me with such an adorable toothy little grin. So, of course, I just had to strike a conversation. I find out he's 10 years old and we're just chatting, when I notice a lady who had been staring at us for quite some time. I say 'Oi!', smile and introduce myself. The conversation gets going. She tells me about her family, where she's from, and so on while I tell her about myself and my program. She invites me in for some cafe. She's visiting her daughter who lives in a neat little house with a cute little porch with plants and everything. So I think why not. I'm here to understand the culture and learn after all. What better way to do that than talking with people, and engaging with my surroundings. Plus, I'm not actually entering the house, just the patio which is out in the open. It should be pretty safe. I'm declining the cafe too after all. So we're talking. Flash forward half an hour. I'm hiking up another way to the trail along with her and one of her friends who owned the ranch. It was really fun. Probably not the best of decisions. Then while going back she wanted to meet my host mom so I took her. And that's where I saw all the things I did wrong right on my host mom's grim face as she saw me entering with some random lady. I got an earful after that. I'm in my room now writing this as I listen to my host mom, grandmom, uncle and aunt discussing my incredulous stupidity and lack of self-awareness out in the hall. Let's see how this goes. Will update you shortly.