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Sadie Troup

Sadie is passionate about cross cultural understanding and women's rights. She is involved in the Girl's Empowerment Club at her school, which she founded with her close friends. She is also interested in art and produces many works that focus on representation of issues that are important to her. Her goals for this year are to slow down and be more grateful for all of the little moments that life has to offer. She is inspired by the drive of her friends, who show her that all things are possible when you have the support of those who want you to live fully and joyfully.


A Capstone Reflection- Growth After Global Citizen Year

May 19, 2018

        Hey everyone. I’ve been back in the U.S. for well over a month now, and this post is mainly to talk about the two capstone presentations I did at my highschool. This post is a little different, especially because most of you guys have already seen me, and I no longer...

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A Digital Time-Capsule of My Life Post-Travel

April 2, 2018

        Hey everybody. I figured that since I started this blog back on August 23rd with “A Digital Time-Capsule of My Life Pre-Travel” I might as well end it the same way. It’s insane to be sitting in my kitchen right now writing this, knowing that six months ago I did the...

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The Cultural Masterlist

February 15, 2018

  (me, very happy the day after Carnaval looking at the aftermath on the walls in Peguche)           Hey everybody! This blog post is going to be more of a list of resources and references for both you guys and myself of the future when I’m starting to miss my life...

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Stereotypes: My Analysis After (almost!) 4 Months of Life in Ecuador

December 18, 2017

        Okay, so I’ve been living in Ecuador for around 3 to 4 months now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of the times when I talk about my life here, I accidentally end up stereotyping my experience. Here’s what I think the fundamental problem is: When people ask...

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“We give skills, not things.”

November 18, 2017

A lot has been happening lately. For one, I received a full-tuition scholarship to college! I’m starting off with that because it has led me to one of the coolest experiences of my time thus far: working with bees! So to explain to you how a beca (scholarship) got me to working with bees today,...

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Getting Stronger

November 9, 2017

               I’m just gonna start this off by saying that October was an emotional and physical whirlwind. I probably experienced some of the most uncomfortable physical sensations I’ve had yet during my time abroad, mostly due to catching parasites (twice!) and having a lovely intestinal infection. But to be...

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What Ecuador has Taught Me: My Collection of Experiences

September 30, 2017

I’ve been in Ecuador for almost three weeks, (to be honest time is a lost construct for me right now so that could be entirely inaccurate) and I’ve learned quite a lot! For as much as I’ve learned about Ecuador, I’ve discovered the same amount about myself. Here’s my ongoing list of experiences and new...

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A Digital Time-Capsule of My Life Pre-Travel

August 23, 2017

Okay so I tried to write an intro about three times and I couldn't think of a good hook so this is what I've got; I am very nervous and very excited, and I think that those two have peacefully cancelled themselves out. I feel pretty good about everything right now. I could describe it...

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