A Digital Time-Capsule of My Life Post-Travel

        Hey everybody. I figured that since I started this blog back on August 23rd with “A Digital Time-Capsule of My Life Pre-Travel” I might as well end it the same way. It’s insane to be sitting in my kitchen right now writing this, knowing that six months ago I did the exact same. Except I had no idea I would have three new little brothers to love, parents to learn with, and a mamita to bring flowers to. It’s just strange to be saying goodbye to these people, because they are my family too. And when I left home, I knew I would be coming back to continue on with life as “normal.” But now this feels like my normal life, and it makes me sad that when I come back here, it won’t be permanent. It’ll be a visit, probably a week, and then I go. And then I miss my brothers again. I really have no clue if I’m explaining this right, but that’s how it makes sense in my head. But anyway, here’s a list of things I enjoy right now and things that I want to remember.

  • Walking with my brothers to the corner store to buy eggs and trying desperately not to let the entire carton fall (there’s like 40 eggs in this thing)
  • Wilkay saying goodbye to me today 5 times as he left with our mom to go drop some stuff off at a family member’s house. (“Chao Sadie…CHAO SADIE… CHAOOOOOO SADIIEEEEEE…")
  • On a similar note, walking into the house and seeing Wilkay peek his head around the corner to see who it is.
  • Coloring with my brothers at the kitchen table, and/or singing Llorona from Coco with our utmost best singing voices.
  • Having my chill Wednesdays with Mamita, where we sat and shucked beans in silence (it’s low-key meditation and I also just really appreciate Mamita bc I never felt like I had to make conversation. We just exist together)
  • The victory moment when you walk out of the house and the bus is coming and you don’t have to wait at all.
  • The moment of tragedy when you’re about to walk out of the house and you hear the bus engine roaring past and you realize you have to wait another 15 minutes.
  • Feeling like I belong when I make the kids breakfast and we all sit and eat together.
  • The good laundry days when the sun is shining really hard and you go out and feel warm when you’re hanging up your clothes, and it’s a double win because you know they’re going to dry rapid fire quick today. (Speaking of I actually have a hamper full of wet clothes I need to hang up at this very moment yikes)
  • When we had our goodbye party for our families and Yuyak and Ñawpak played their pan flutes and sang with me in front of everybody, which scared me a LOT because I really don’t like singing in public but I’m so glad I did it.
  • Knowing that I have a family here I can always come back to, and brothers I need to watch grow, and a mamita to be with, and parents to love. 

So yeah, that’s my highlights reel. These are the things that made up my daily life, and that I’m going to miss dearly. But, I think that means I connected. So as cheesy as this post is, it’s how I’m feeling at this moment, sitting at the kitchen table and writing about what I love about this place. That’s it I think. Thanks for reading these and following along with me. Maybe I’ll post more in the future when I’m back home. 

(The kitchen table I'm sitting at right now to write this. This is from our goodbye party yesterday.)

Love you guys and see you soon,