Marta Allegue Souto


Capstone project: A rainbow of sweet contradictions

A few days ago, I organized a photography exhibition under the name of “A rainbow of sweet contradictions”. On it, I decided to share the stories of several people within my in-country community to try to explain certain aspects of how tradition and innovation are…

07 June, 2018

Is that a yes?

“Is that a yes? Maybe a way of politely saying no? Is she doubting? Why would she doubt? Have I said something wrong? Have I done something wrong? What does she mean with that continuous tilt of her head? She almost looked like a bobble…

06 June, 2018

Looking back

It has been about a month. One month since I last saw India. One month since I last hugged my host family. To be precise, it has been 39 days. 39 days that came, each, with a special memory from my year in Pune. Every…

06 June, 2018

Happiness is having chai with you

India taught me that real tea is very different from the sad little tea bag that we dip in hot water. Indian tea is flavorful, strong, sweet, warms you up when you are cold, cures you when you have a slight fever, gives you the…

05 June, 2018

My favorite (untranslatable) Hindi words

1. Golmaal गोलमाल Chaos. This word is formed by two other Hindi words: gol (round, circle) and maal (wealth).   2. Rishta रिश्ता An inexplicable connection with another soul.   3. Masakali मसाकली Aspiring to fly high through peace and liberation.   4. Gulcharrey गुलचरे Enjoying…

03 June, 2018

On my way to school

I blow one more time on my sugary ginger chai before I leave to school, as if trying to avoid getting my tongue burnt was going to prove how strong I was feeling that morning. I say a quick goodbye to Neha, my host mum,…

17 May, 2018

First uncertainties

Confusion. भ्रांति Uncertainty about what it is happening. It was a warm August morning. I found myself alone, seated in a plane towards San Francisco airport. A 12 hour-long spiral of emotions overtook me as I saw Europe for the last time. Goodbyes had started…

02 September, 2017

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Marta Allegue Souto