Looking back

It has been about a month. One month since I last saw India. One month since I last hugged my host family. To be precise, it has been 39 days. 39 days that came, each, with a special memory from my year in Pune. Every single day brought me something new, something to be grateful for, another reason of why my year had been so worthwhile. I hope that every day that passes will give me a new reason to feel inspired by this wonderful year.



1. The scent of spices

2. Eating with my hands

3. Being greeted by my students with: ‘Buenos días Marta Didi’

4. The chaos of the traffic

5. Being able to get a freshly squeezed pineapple juice in any street

6. The sense of adventure

7. Rickshaw drives

8. The mesmerizing fabrics

9. My Hindi teacher, Pratiksha

10. The melodramatic Marathi soap operas

11. Discovering new Bollywood songs

12. Going on weekend hikes

13. The mango mastanis

14. The extra spicy chaat and street food

15. Making lanterns with my host-sisters for Diwali

16. Being able to draw mehndi on my hands anytime

17. All the students in my class

18. Not being able to understand half of the conversations

19. How cheap transport is

20. Going to Parvati Hill to see the sunset

21. The spontaneity

22. The coconut trees

23. Getting lost in the old bazars of Pune

24. Switching between three languages per day

25. The crowded buses

26. The magical banyan trees

27. Watching my students dance in school breaks

28. Preparing chai with my host mum

29. The unique taste of Pav Bhaji, Aloo Paratha, Uttapa and all the Indian dishes

30. The birthday poojas

31. The genuineness of people

32. My walk to go to yoga class

33. Playing kabaddi

34. My wonderful hostfamily

35. The warm chapatis

36. The Indian festivals: Navratri, Diwali, Holi

37. How difficult the Holi powder is to remove

38. Having to bargain EVERYTHING

39. All the amazing India fellows!