Desire Mulla

Desire is currently an alumni of United World College Maastricht. Desire is passionate about the film, criminology, legal systems and , music. Desire is currently working at South Sudan Associated Advocates, for the summer. This is to help her to become more aware of the legal system set up in South Sudan one and to help her develop a better understanding about Law and Development. In Desire's free time, she watches film, listen's to music, does some reading or sometimes goes out to explore and take nice shots. Her goals for the year are to learn Spanish, make a new family, and share experiences in her new Ecuadorian home. My favorite quote is, "it always seems impossible until it's done" from Nelson Mandela.


Being Home

After spending almost a year away from what seems to be normality to an individual I was over the top excited to get home. At some point in my year I even counted down the days that would lead to me being home. At that point in time I had not experienced the journey of…

01 June, 2016

I Wish I could find a Remedy

Even when you think that you have said too many goodbyes in you life and that one more wont affect you I ask you to think again. When I think back to a year before this experience I was not this attached to the people that I met this year, I even had no idea…

01 June, 2016


I always tend to believe that we are all journeying through life and we have to g through certain rights of passage that are considered as normal. However on the other hand I still decided to take a bridge year that would bridge my past, my present experience and my future in which in my…

01 June, 2016

The day she wore an afro

To many people of African decent wearing our natural hair in Afro style should be something normal and not some thing that seems out of the ordinary. To her it was a normal day to work as she prepared in the morning to set off to the school that she teaches. It was a Monday and therefore she would…

01 June, 2016


Every society has it wounds, while, some tend to be deeper than others all wounds never fail to leave behind scars – those visible to the eyes and those that we decide to hide- all scars stay to remind us of a moment of pain. Learning from the community that I was placed Ibarra of Imbabura province, Ecuador. The…

15 December, 2015

Live From The Field

  Here I stand at the end of In Country Orientation (ICO), going through a  wave of emotions. I am definitely excited about the idea of meeting my long awaited 7 months of experience. However I personally believe that my experience was jet started a long time ago. I will just be truthful and admit that the idea of change does…

21 September, 2015

First Blog Post

  When I first arrived at the Pre Departure Training (PDT) of Global Citizen Year I thought that I was in this program for all the visible reasons. I thought I was well prepared for it due to my prior UWC experience and I pictured them as the same. However little did I know that even though both programs…

27 August, 2015

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Desire Mulla