I Wish I could find a Remedy

Even when you think that you have said too many goodbyes in you life
and that one more wont affect you I ask you to think again. When I
think back to a year before this experience I was not this attached to
the people that I met this year, I even had no idea that they existed
or knew the story we would live together.
However fast forward to the last dinner that I had with my family as
my brother wept and cried and could not settle in the car since they
had told him that I would be leaving. All I could think about was how
can I cause so much pain and hurting to this child. Later that night
after dinner he hit me and blamed me for leaving him. Regardless of
the fact that he could not understand that I was not leaving him I
wished I would have a remedy for his pain and I was also grateful. I
was grateful for the relationship that I had built with my family and
one that I hope to continue building.
I cannot fail to shout out to my cohort, in all sincerity I am so
grateful that we got to share this experience especially the Ecuador
cohort that I am more familiar with. I learnt a lot for everyone and
am glad to be part of 2016 cohort.
At this point it hurts a little as I write about my Imbaboombastics,
I have so much love for all of y’all. You all taught me a great lot
and not to forget our awesome team leader Lisa, you were an example to
live by and I am grateful to have been in you cohort. At this point
there is not much that I can say but continue to carry out what I
learnt from you.
I have been blessed and of most lucky with all the support I got this
year and at this point all I can do and hope to do is give back the
same support, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness. Regardless, of the pain
that might exist of us being world’s part.