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We are excited to offer the following scholarships:

College Track Scholarship

Global Citizen Year and College Track are proud to offer a Bridge Year scholarship for College Track students exclusively. The scholarship covers the full cost of the Global Citizen Year program, and gives selected participants the opportunity to pursue a year-long and life-changing international experience prior to their first year of college.


Eligibility: Must be a College Track student


How to Apply: Complete your Global Citizen Year application as normal and simply check the box that indicates you are a College Track student.

Global Changemaker Scholarship

Each year, we are excited to select a small group of Fellows to be Global Changemaker Scholars. These Fellows not only have a track-record of significant leadership but have changemaking and entrepreneurship in their DNA. The Global Changemaker Scholarship is a merit scholarship of up to $5,000 towards your tuition.


Eligibility: All applicants are eligible for this scholarship. We are looking for applicants who have potential for leadership and entrepreneurship.


How to Apply: Global Changemaker Scholars are selected through our admissions process – you do not need to fill out an additional application.

Jewish Faith and Community Scholarship

During your Global Citizen Year you have a unique opportunity to reflect on aspects of your identity through the lens of another country, community, religion, and perspective. There are many facets to our identities and we encourage Fellows to find connection with others in their host country through this year.


Through a collaboration with the Jewish Community Federation, we developed a curriculum for Fellows who are motivated to explore their Jewish identity and values through a Global Citizen Year.


We are awarding up to five $5,000 scholarships to Fellows who self-identify as Jewish and are interested in exploring their identity further during their bridge year. This curriculum includes activities such as connecting with a Jewish community in the host community, sharing a Jewish holiday with your host family, and sharing your experiences with your community back home.

“A good community will pick you up and make you better. My Ecuadorian community represents love, support, generosity and a group mentality. I feel those values taking root in my personality, and reinforcing the Jewish values of openness, confidence and community.”– Isabel Burns (Ecuador ‘14)

Eligibility: Offered exclusively for applicants who self-identify as Jewish. You do not need to be an expert on Judaism or even be particularly religious to apply. You just need to be interested in exploring your Jewish identity.

How to Apply: Indicate that you are applying for the Jewish Faith and Community Scholarship on our application. You will then be prompted to submit a short video (under 1 minute) explaining why you are interested in this scholarship.

United World College Scholarship

Through a partnership with United World College International and patron Shelby M.C. Davis, we are offering up to 40 Davis Global Citizen Year Scholarships. Scholarships are evaluated based on financial need and range from partial to full. Scholarships cover airfare from Global Citizen Year training in California to your host country, in-country program expenses, and room and board.

Eligibility: Offered exclusively for UWC students graduating in 2018

How to ApplyIndicate that you are applying for the Davis scholarship on our application.

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