Sophia Youngdahl

Sophia is passionate about the stars, language, and the innate connection between all human beings, among other things. She is involved in programs in her community focusing on connection with and acceptance of children with disabilities, and she serves as an interpreter for non-profits in Honduras that focus on spreading education and making medical supplies more readily available. Her goals for this year are to find a connection that surpasses language barriers and to learn from every person she meets. Her favorite quote is "Don't take anything too seriously just yet" from a really cool lady she met on a bus once.


A Thought and a Poem

    It is my fifth day in Senegal. This week has been filled with wonderful memories, late nights, new knowledge, and countless greetings of “salamaliekum” when passing by someone on the street. It seems like a dream; I am staying in a hotel with some of...

12 September, 2018

Sophia Youngdahl First Blog!

Home. A word we all long for, a feeling we all seek to create, a place where a mind can settle and a heart can breathe a sigh of relief. Over the course of our lives we discover many, each with a distinct taste or…

13 August, 2018

Curious about Global Citizen Year? This is a great place to start.

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Sophia Youngdahl