Nicholas Bassetti

My name is Nicholas Bassetti. I'm 19 years old. Born in the US, with 5 years old, when with my family to Brazil, to this small semi-urban city called Colatina, where I was raised most of my life, until when I completed 15 years old, I went back to the US alone, with the goal of finishing high school. Now with one of my goals completed, I found a way to achieve another one (of travelling around the world, help others, and learn) right after high school, through Global Citizen Year having the opportunity to learn with different communities, language and many more. What inspires me: Family, Friends, Helping others and the result/joy after helping them. Favorite quote: "Dream like you'll live forever. Live like you'll die today."


A bit of my story/ Um pouco da minha historia

Hello, my name is Nick Bassetti     4 years ago in the small city called Colatina, ES in Brazil, I was planning to come to the United States, to finish high school, I never thought I would end up with the chance to go…

20 August, 2018

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Nicholas Bassetti