Senegal #3 – Gorée

[image: IMG_20181224_130214.jpg]
[image: IMG_20181224_130242.jpg]
[image: IMG_20181224_130234.jpg]
[image: IMG_20181224_131050.jpg]
[image: IMG_20181224_152524.jpg]
[image: IMG_20181224_152434.jpg]
[image: IMG_20181224_152529.jpg]
[image: IMG_20181224_175759.jpg]
[image: IMG_20181224_180159.jpg]
[image: IMG_20181224_175924.jpg]
[image: IMG_20181224_183959.jpg]
[image: IMG_20181224_130858_BURST001_COVER.jpg]
[image: IMG_20181224_191245_1.jpg]

*Gorée Island a beautiful place that holds a strong history of its past*

Here is a link for more information on the island:

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