Nathaly Romero

Nathaly Romero is passionate about...(this is part of the reason why she's doing Global Citizen Year). She is involved in BUILD, and the Global Glimpse Alumni Ambassador Program. Her goals for the year are to learn about who she is, who she would like to be, and what she would like to do in life. Nathaly's goal is to learn as much as she can about India and all of its rich culture. Nathaly has too many "favorite quotes" but she's recently added one to her collection by Jim Carrey in which he says, "You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance at doing what you love."


Saying Yes

01 June, 2017

They Just Did It

Just some people who followed their traveling dreams and reminded me to follow mine.   Sofia During our In-Country Orientation in Quito, we were given a project to explore a park called El Parque la Carolina and speak to anyone we met there. As we were strolling around we found ourselves meeting a young woman…

01 June, 2017

Notes From The Field

A few notes from the journal I kept to document my time in Ecuador (or at least try to). Hope you enjoy!   September 18, 2016 While at the market, I saw a kid chasing after a chicken and thought of nothing but that one scene in Mr. Bean's Holiday.   October 9, 2016…

31 May, 2017

Just A Taste

A few notes from the journal I kept while in Ecuador. Hope you enjoy! September 17, 2016 I was the first one getting dropped off. Alone actually, which took me completely by surprise. Context: I was told I, along with a group of fellows, would be dropped off at the terminal altogether to be picked…

16 May, 2017


For this blog post I’d like to highlight one very special member of my family in Ecuador. This is a video for my five year old nephew. His name is-well, you’ll see in the video. He’s an amazing little guy who I feel so lucky to have gotten the chance to meet. So funny and…

05 May, 2017

Rabies in Ecuador

My family has four dogs here in Ecuador; Bebe, Pekis, Gordis, and Pochito. These four dogs live in our house and then my brother has four more dogs over at his house; Tobi, Maiki, Niña, and Pachakuti. And so it goes that on any given day I can find eight dogs around my home here…

24 January, 2017

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Nathaly Romero