They Just Did It

Just some people who followed their traveling dreams and reminded me to follow mine.



During our In-Country Orientation in Quito, we were given a project to explore a park called El Parque la Carolina and speak to anyone we met there. As we were strolling around we found ourselves meeting a young woman named Sofia. In her early twenties, Sofia told us she had been traveling all throughout South America since she was seventeen. When she decided she wanted to travel through South America, packed her bag, and simply set off for her adventurous journey which lay ahead.


I remember thinking Sofia was so cool. After making some friends along the way who taught her how to make bracelets, Sofia was able to make enough money to keep her journey strong. Today, anyday I look down at the bracelet on my wrist made by the one and only, I remember to never let anything get in the way of me and my travels and just do it.


Lisa and Miguel

During my independent travel time in the amazon with my friend Helene, we found ourselves in the same workaway as a kind and inspiring couple from an island off of Spain, Lisa and Miguel. Miguel worked with his father in a banana plantation and Lisa was a nurse. Both had decided to take six months off of work in order to travel. Together they had saved up some money and made a plan in order to have six months of pure travel, no work. Meeting Lisa and Miguel gave me a hope I greatly appreciate. I’ve always been kind of nervous that one day I might just have a job and forget about all my travel plans or never get to them for whatever excuse I decided on. But they gave me hope that if I traveling was something I really wanted to then nothing could get in the way of wherever it was I wanted to go. Only I could do that.