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Marta Shcharbakova

Marta is passionate about all types of art, animal-protection and working with people. In her two years of UWCSEA she was involved in Initiative for Peace, Rock Show and multiple productions. Now she's involved in Belarusian Youth Conference, that is a project that she created together with 5 other alumni form UWCSEA. Her goals for the year are to explore culture of Senegal, to become fluent in French and to challenge herself.


How I Did Not Have the Senegalese Experience

March 29, 2019

14.01.2019 Once, I was sitting with my family across my house by the fruit stand. It was the day I got my braids done. We were just chilling and talking as usual, and my sisters were playing with my new hair. Soon, a passenger stopped by next to us and greeted everyone. He was trying...

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it’s a Splash

March 21, 2019

Now, this is a vulnerability alert: I am even more lost than I was before I came to Senegal. Belarus, Singapore, UWC, Senegal. That’s what I’m made of. Now: sitting in a chear, starring somewhere ahead of me. I see so much in front of me: so many things, alternative realities, but I’m not amongst...

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The Little Marta (my first blog)

August 24, 2018

Once, there was a girl. A girl with brown eyes and brown hair called Marta. Of course, the girl knew a bit more than nothing about the world, so she often used a word ‘little’ to describe herself. ‘Little’ was about her overall knowledge, the significance of her existence, however, it didn’t apply to her...

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