Manuel Quesada Nylen

Manuel Quesada Nylen is passionate about filmmaking. He is involved in seeing the world, with the hopes of soaking up as much global game as possible. An artists work is a reflection of the artist themselves, and Manuel believes that witnessing the different cultures of the world will teach him more about himself and in turn, inspire the right film out of him, a true and pure reflection of himself. "Only the gentle are ever really strong." - James Dean



I had planned on doing a formal presentation by May 15th for my capstone project but things have not exactly gone underway yet due to unforseen hiccups coming into play last minute, so here is the first half of my informal capstone presentation. Chronologically speaking, this is my second half. The first half was a…

13 May, 2019

Self Doubt in Senegal

I used to say lightly I don’t want this trip to end because I genuinely felt it, I’m having fun and I’m learning and it’s all unknown out here so I can constantly explore and figure out new things about my environment and in turn about myself. Now though, I say it a lot heavily…

11 February, 2019

It’s been a while

Haven’t written a blog post since before the holidays, which is at least two months. Reading some of the blogs of the Fellow Roundup is not something I do quite often but today I read Ecuador fellow Melinda’s recent post where she talked about the best way she can describe her experience to people asking,…

11 January, 2019


My family’s garden represents the time I’ve spent and will spend, here in Senegal. We arrived here during the rainy season, and now it has transitioned into the dry season, when the weather gets a bit colder, (Not as harsh as Boston cold, I can tell you that). I never considered the symbolism this garden…

21 November, 2018

I’m only 18

November already. WHAT THE HECK. As of recently, I’ve been having existential crises every other hour of the day, where I ponder several things to what seems like no end. Every thought, no matter how random, always somehow manages to connect back to home. Not my home in Senegal, my home in Malden MA, and…

18 November, 2018

Untitled No. 1

Although it’s a cliche, I’ve found myself as of recently saying that cliches, as washed up as they may seem, exist for a reason. Curiosity really did kill the cat, one man’s meat really is another man’s poison, actions DO speak louder than words, you really can’t (and shouldn’t) judge a book by its cover;…

30 September, 2018

Kontaana fi ci Senegal: I am happy here in Senegal

Its only my third day in my homestay here in Taiba Ndaiye and I can wholeheartedly say Bëgg uma ñiibi Etat Unis. I don’t want to go back to the United States. My days are jam packed with reading the novels I brought with me under the welcoming shade of the mango trees in my…

10 September, 2018

An Expectation Shattering Week

Looking back on the expectations I held for the week of Global Launch upon arriving here in San Francisco, I can't pinpoint what exactly I thought was in store for me. At the airport, I texted my friend (Shoutout to Phuong, if you're reading this) who had done GCY last year, and she expressed to…

01 September, 2018


Today is the last day I am in Massachusetts for 9 months. It feels good knowing that I'm going away, despite the nerves and anxiety that come with a trip of this magnitude. I've anticipated these feelings of anxiety by enjoying my time here in my comfort zone, so now that I'm leaving I can't…

25 August, 2018

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Manuel Quesada Nylen