Today is the last day I am in Massachusetts for 9 months. It feels good knowing that I'm going away, despite the nerves and anxiety that come with a trip of this magnitude. I've anticipated these feelings of anxiety by enjoying my time here in my comfort zone, so now that I'm leaving I can't say I have any regret of how I've spent my time here. 

I'm very excited for Global Launch! I have definitely not been the most on-track Fellow of the entire cohort but I am certain of my feelings toward this wonderful program and all the hard working people who make it run so smoothly. So I'd like to make this an open letter to any GCY staff or volunteers who help this operation get off the ground year in and year out. Thank you for your dedication to shaping the lives of us Fellows for years to come. I haven't even begun and I already feel an immense feeling of gratitude towards you all. 
11:08 AM