Ian Frank

Ian is passionate about the outdoors, traveling, and filmmaking. He has served his fellow outdoor enthusiasts by working 160 hours with the Montana Conservation Corps. He has lived with host families in Germany, Ghana, and Nicaragua. He is looking forward to a year of difficulties that will test every limit. One of his goals are to make a documentary about his time in Ecuador.


Do You Remember How It Feels to Breathe?

05 March, 2015


I am an addict; it pumps through my blood on each jog alone in the heat of the morning sun. Drenched in sweat perched on a rock a meter above a calm eddy, I see how addiction has channeled like tributaries through all aspects of my life. I denied myself the liberation of accepting my…

05 March, 2015


I have been a witness to an uncountable number of shaman ritualistic cleansings. It is a steadfast belief of my host family that ritualistic cleansings can be used as treatment of illness. Arguing the validity of practicing shamanism as treatment of ailments is undermining all curiosity. During most instances, my family would ask if I…

05 March, 2015

Video Blog: Centro Tucan Turstico Promotional Video

23 February, 2015

Video Blog: Centro Tucan Turstico Promotional Video

21 February, 2015

Pre-departure Training Video Log

Please check out Ian Frank’s Pre-departure Training Video Log (VLOG)!

10 February, 2015

Personal Mission Statement

Begin with the end in mind; each experience will shift that into perspective. Expect that you will not understand, ask questions, and seek the counsel of others for assistance. I am a meager captain steering this expedition in uncharted waters. The current has cut veins in the earth so deep, I can’t change or manipulate…

28 October, 2014

Pre-Departure Thoughts in Missoula

DSC 0032.MOV from Ian Frank on Vimeo.

20 August, 2014

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Ian Frank