Personal Mission Statement

Begin with the end in mind; each experience will shift that into perspective. Expect that you will not understand, ask questions, and seek the counsel of others for assistance. I am a meager captain steering this expedition in uncharted waters. The current has cut veins in the earth so deep, I can’t change or manipulate what’s in place, I can only explore the tributaries as to not be overwhelmed. One day will come where a decision will be had, a course for story will be defined; listen and trust your crew or you will be engulfed and forever lost.

To be a leader I must try not attempt to define what I see, my ability to judge stems only from my biased experience and point of view. My father is very involved and his network of connections is vast. Character driven story will not force an issue; Fernando will define himself and his passions will tell our story. I will push the scope of discovery as specific enthusiasm is traced back to the route.

Do not fear mistakes – fear only the absence reflective, creative, and corrective responses to those mistakes. I can only attempt phases of action from my point of understanding which is completely based on prior experiences mostly incapable to way of life here. To understand where I stand, fall first.

I will tell each side of the story exploring multiple perspectives and never compromising with honesty. I will acquire Spanish fluency but until that day, I will not miss out on asking for live explanations and work through awkward interviews supplemented with dictionary friction. I will use humor to break barriers when I or those I’m around feel uncomfortable. A mechanism I hope will be reflexive in the film. I will reflect by making changes to my personal mission statement and noting experiences down on my on my storyboard arc poster for reflective and interpretive purposes .

My top priority is to succeed with my family first, engage with my community to the fullest and the film will mirror such a genuine experience. I will be asking powerful questions driven constantly by how can I best understand? The scope of my questions will be appropriate allowing the interviewer to base an answer on a personal experience or knowledge.