Hailey Thomas-Turner

Hailey is passionate about spreading peace and love all over the world and to everyone she encounters. She is interested in looking for ways to peacefully mitigate problems surround illegal immigrants, spreading awareness about the African-American culture, and giving back to those who are lest fortunate. Her goals this year are to grow more as a well-rounded person, and become more appreciative of life and what God has bestowed upon her.


Post GCY Final Thoughts

Post GCY Final Thoughts I cannot believe that just two months ago I was a completely different person. Die Astou Samb. I remember the day that my father gave me that name. He named me after my older sister who was there when she gave it to me. She looked so embarrassed that so much…

01 June, 2019

My Final Community Project

My Final Community Project I decided to provide a small snippet of what my final community project was about. I had a blast working and connecting with the girls at Taiba Lycee. Below is an overview of what I did and a link to a small Google Slides presentation that I put together. In my…

01 June, 2019

My gap year playlist

My Senegalese Playlist Music has been such an integral part of my gap year experience. I never knew how poppin the aspect of music would be to Senegalese culture. I love the drum breaks in both traditional and contemporary Senegalese music. Here’s a list of the music I constantly bumped to during my gap year….

31 May, 2019

Journal Entries: Before and After

Journal Entries: Before and After August 26th 2018 7:30 pm Stanford, California I have been here a total of eight hours, and I am ready to turn back home. The people here are inspiring, intelligent, and intriguing, and I do not feel that I match their caliber. However, I continue to smile and give the…

31 May, 2019

My Yaay’s Omelet Recipe

My Yaay’s Omelet Recipe   3 Large Eggs 1 Small Sweet Yellow onion ½  cup of peanut oil                                                                                                                                    1 tablespoon Brown Vinegar Salt ¼ of a Madji Cube, ground Black pepper French Baguette (to serve) Mayonnaise (to serve)   Background I remember the first real street food item that I had was an omelet….

31 May, 2019

1st Blog

“What is coming is better that what has gone”- Arabic Proverb Hello! Is anyone there? I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone that has donated to me, prayed for me, and given me well wishes on my journey. Without you all, I would not have been able to experience an opportunity…

22 August, 2018

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Hailey Thomas-Turner