Grace Sander

Grace is passionate about social justice, health care, and cross cultural experiences. She was involved in a diversity club centered around Asian American identity and the community service club during high school and is preparing for her trip abroad to Brazil. Her goals for the year include maintaining a good exercise regime, learning how to cook, and being fully involved in the community where she will live. She will also be preparing for her undergraduate studies and is excited to be a nursing major at a university. Grace loves speaking her mind about topics she is passionate about. She values the importance of conversation and has found that sitting down (or standing up, when it is called for) and fleshing out a topic with others who have many wonderful different opinions can lead to fantastic dialogue. She believes conversation is an impactful tool for discovering new and interesting ideas while providing a space to expand (and adjust) our preconceived notions.


The Best of Florianópolis

After spending over six months in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina I’ve finally familiarized myself with some of Brazilian culture and cuisine. I say “some” because the island I live on doesn’t properly reflect the demographics of the country as a whole since the majority of residents here are of European descent and huge groups of international…

21 March, 2019

Finding Happiness in Lonely Moments

I’ve spent about two months here in Florianópolis, Brazil in a touristic neighborhood called Lagoa Da Conceição. The island’s stunning beaches, hiking trails, and the lagoon being filled with people paddle boarding, wind surfing, or jet skiing had me convinced that I had landed in paradise. My host family immediately stole my heart too. Maria,…

08 November, 2018


My time at Stanford University is quickly coming to an end and a new beginning is awaiting for me in Florianopolis, Brazil. I’ve listened to countless wonderful speakers who talked about what to expect in my gap year and how to navigate an unfamiliar culture respectfully. As I stressfully repacked today for my eight months…

01 September, 2018

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Grace Sander